Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tebow Debuts For The The NY Jets To Mixed Reviews

Friday night was the much anticipated debut of Tim Tebow in a New York Jets uniform as the           J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets opened the NFL pre-season against the Cincinnati Bengals.
Here’s the highlights of Tebow’s first possession at quarterback. (Thanks NFL/WCBS-TV)

Not a bad first act as a Jet quarterback leading the offense to a field goal.  For those of us who have watched Tebow since his days as the Florida Gators quarterback it appeared to be the same ole Tim Tebow. 
His 14 yard gain avoiding the Bengal rush is classic Tim Tebow.  He did it again later in the possession. 

Tebow’s numbers in his Jet debut, 4-8 passing for 27 yards and an interception while gaining 34 yards in four rushing attempts.
“I liked the poise he showed,” Jets head coach Rex Ryan said. “Obviously, [Tebow] made some big runs and that’s what we say he can do. If you want to come after him, you better get to him. In time, he’ll kill you running and that’s what he did. I think we did some good things and I saw some guys finishing some blocks down the field.”

On a Jet team that lacks offensive talent Tebow may be that dynamic offensive weapon the Jets lack.

New York fans who are not as intimately familiar with Tebow’s game seem to be impressed with the way he can make positive plays with his legs. Those same fans are not that impressed with his passing skills. 
The next Jets pre-season game is Saturday August 18th against the New York Giants in the MetLife Bowl.  You know the Jets want to show off Tebow in his New York debut, especially against the defending Super Bowl Champions. 
This Tebow-mania in the Big Apple soap opera is going to be good drama.

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