Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Uh oh...Indians Chris Perez vs. A's fan on Video (NSFW)

((ht: larrybrownsports.com))


Let's just say before we get into this story, we aren't defending either side in this one, because they were both wrong.

Cleveland Indians closer Chris Perez had a rather NSFW "discussion" with an Oakland A's fan who, according to our friends at Larry Brown Sports, had been harassing him for years.

This time, the fan went to find Perez again, and brought a friend, with a cellphone camera which just reeks of "Set-Up". But...that being said, Perez should never have walked over and confronted the guy, especially if he'd seen someone standing there with a camera recording it.

Check out the whole story from Larry Brown Sports RIGHT HERE


There is really not much to say here. Like we said earlier, it's hard to believe the A's fan is such a DOUCHE that he felt compelled to entrap Perez. It's even harder to believe Perez fell into his trap. And while it might have been Karma if Perez kicked the crap out of the dumb-ass fan, unfortunately, you can't do that.

What do you do here? Can you stop fans from being incredible DICKS? How many times can you tell players ignore the fans?

Since the video kinda speaks for itself, check it out:

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