Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pacquiao gets questionable win over Marquez

The man generally regarded as the best boxer in the world, barely escaped Saturday night with his title. And based on the reaction in the 12 round majority decision that said Manny Pacquiao beat Juan Manuel Marquez, there will be some question on how great Pacquiao currently is.

Since it was a majority decision, obviously, the fight went the distance. And according to the audience response and at least one judge, Pacquiao didn't earn the victory. Officially, his 15th win in a row produced at least a $22 million payday for the fight at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.

It was his third fight with Marquez, this one at the 144lb class, each time, the two fighters stepping up a weight class.

With a gazillion dollar potential payday looming against Floyd Mayweather, this fight left more questions than it answered. It gave Pacquiao another opponent should the oft debated Mayweather fight not happen yet again and it may have given Mayweather...and other fighters hope that the mystique surrounding Pacquiao, may no longer be there.

HBO Sports provides us the highlights of the fight. Enjoy and thanks HBO:

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