Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Western Ky. doesn't do much to assistant with 3 DWI's

Lance Guidry
Lost in the moral indignation about what is happening in Penn State is another somewhat disturbing story about a college football program's response to what appears to be a pretty serious problem as well.

Early Saturday morning in Baton Rouge, Lousiana, Western Kentucky defensive coordinator Lance Guidry was pulled over and charged with DWI. The stop, is apparently the 3rd time it has happened. Western Ky was in town to play the top ranked LSU Tigers.

Guidry was pulled over around 1 a.m and registered a considerable amount over the state limit for DWI.

Read the story of his arrest from LSUrevellie.com RIGHT HERE

According to a statement released Monday from WKY Head Coach Willie Taggart, Guidry was viewing high school games in the area and allegedly met-up with a friend afterwards.

Taggart didn't mention the drinking. He just said "This type of conduct is not acceptable and there will be disciplinary measures as a result, and they will be handled internally."

No...please coach Taggart! Please don't slap Guidry's wrist!

Athletic Director Ross Bjork (no relation) added this "I am personally disappointed in Lance's actions during our trip to LSU. Lance is a great football coach and has brought great energy to our team and defense since he arrived. He knows better of his responsibilities as a public figure."

Bjork went on to say it would have punished the players for Guidry to sit out the game vs. LSU and since he apologized, it was apparently ok. He also added that since Guidry was apologetic, that he "Owned this mistake" and would learn from it.

He also said a background check when Guidry was hired didn't turn up the previous incidents. (Right)


This isn't quite the load of crap that Penn State tried to foist upon everyone, but it still stinks. Really....3 DWI's and that isn't enough to (a) Put you in jail or (b) Get you fired?

Sure, we get the WKU isn't exactly high up on the food chain, but when did it become OK to brush off what Guidry did? Would it have mattered had he hit and killed someone while driving? Something that easily could have happened.

Yes, it appears that Coach Guidry has a problem and needs some help. And he should not be allowed to drive a car again for the foreseeable future. But somehow, we are guessing that won't happen. We aren't going to preach naivety here but.

One DWI is bad. It happens. To a lot of well-intentioned people. If it happened to say...me...when I worked in a Newsroom, I would be fired. The 1st time. On the spot. And there would be no defense.

But if you are a college football coach at Western Kentucky...well, it apparently is alright. As long as nobody was hurt.

You should be as angry about this as we are, but we suspect with the other things going on in the world of College Football and because it is Western Kentucky, nobody will pay attention.

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