Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Dirty Dozen and Bottom of the Barrel: Free Falling

Well, as always, the field for this years BCS Championship has quickly narrowed. Going into last week, we still had 4 undefeated teams (5-counting Houston), now we only have 2 (3-counting Houston).

Things are quickly heading towards a shorter number of contenders, though if they lose, yeah, as always it will get really confusing.

Among the highlight's of today's clip, the guys tie someone to a tree. Only the Tree wasn't fast enough to keep up...(Oh...a Stanford joke!)

Last Week wasn't so special for us: 12-2, but it continued our successful run. Overall: 110-20. Damn I'm good.

Count us down Casey:

The Dirty Dozen:

1) LSU 10-0. Taking care of business. That's all they need to do at this point. Nothing crazy, just win and you are in. The Arkansas game should be fun to watch. This Week: at Ole Miss. Our Pick: LSU 31, Ole Miss 3.

2) Oklahoma State 10-0. Yes, they are on a roll. No, they won't beat LSU should they play. The offense is something else. Brandon Weeden should be on everyone's Heisman list. This Week: at Iowa St. Our Pick: Okie St. 45, Iowa St. 23.

3) Alabama 9-1. We still don't think they should be eligible for an LSU rematch. But we suspect we are in the minority here. Hopefully the matchup with my alma mater, Georgia Southern will count against them. This Week: vs. Georgia Southern. Our Pick: Alabama 43, Ga.Southern 14. ((**Note**--We know it is against the rules to pick against alma mater, but really....))

4) Oregon 9-1. Ok. We didn't see that coming. Realistically, we thought they had a shot vs. Stanford, but didn't think it would be a blow out. But they did. They've gotten healthy and they are still really, really fast. This Week: vs. USC. Our Pick: Oregon 41, USC 38. 

5) Oklahoma 8-1. If only they didn't lose vs. Texas Tech. And if they weren't so beat up. They are good enough to beat most, but can they end the season by beating Okie State? This Week: at Baylor. Our Pick: Baylor 37, Oklahoma 35 (UPSET)

6) Clemson 9-1. They haven't been as dominant the past couple weeks and barely squeaked by a tough Wake Forest team. And yes, Sammy Watkins is dinged up and Tajh Boyd hasn't been as strong the past couple of weeks either. This Week: at NC State. Our Pick: Clemson 37, NC State 23.

7) Arkanas 9-1. Another very good team who may have a say in the BCS Championship. They aren't dominant, but they are capable of beating LSU if they are on. Tyler Wilson is a really, really good QB and that is often enough to win in the SEC. This Week: vs. Mississippi State. Our Pick: Arkansas 38, Miss St. 10.

8) Houston 10-0. Unfortunately, they aren't allowed to be at the big boy table come January, but you can make an argument they should be there. Case Keenum and his Cougars can score with anyone. The only issue is could they stop a major conference offense. Arguably a copy of 2007's Hawaii team. This Week: vs. SMU. Our Pick: Houston 51, SMU 31.

9) Boise St. 9-1. We so want them to be legit. They always look like they should be...and then something stupid happens. This time...again...a missed field goal. Come on man! This Week: at San Diego St. Our Pick: Boise St. 35, SDSU 27.

10) Stanford 9-1. Proof that talent can't always beat speed. Or if that talent doesn't have speed, then you may lose. And yes, we know they are pretty beaten up too. But they wouldn't have beaten Oregon even if they were healthy. This Week: vs. California. Our Pick: Stanford 31, Cal 21. 

11) Kansas St. 8-2. They definitely play some fun games. And they are pretty tough, or at least resilient. Colin Klein is a pretty good QB, though he struggles a bit throwing the ball. Props to Bill Snyder for getting the most out of his team. This Week: at Texas. Our Pick: Texas 27, K-State 25.

12) Va. Tech 8-2. Logan Thomas is really big. And becoming a pretty good QB. We still aren't sure how good this team is yet, though winning at Ga.Tech last week is a good accomplishment. This Week: vs. North Carolina. Our Pick: Va. Tech 31, N.Carolina 17.

The Bottom of the Barrel:

Wow! New Mexico actually won a game. That's amazing! They don't get a pass off this list though.

5) New Mexico 1-9. The only possible explanation here is that UNLV must be horrible. We'd argue their coach should be fired for this. But hey, D.R Holbrook threw for 274 yards and a TD. Good for the Lobos. This Week: at Wyoming. Our Pick: Wyoming 34, New Mexico 14.

4) UNLV 2-7. You are here by virtue of losing to New Mexico. And no, there is NO excuse. 61 total passing yards? Really? Come on man! This Week: at Air Force. Our Pick: Air Force 31, UNLV 14.

3) Indiana 1-9. You are really giving the Big 10 a bad name. You gave up 34 points to a horrible offense in Ohio State. You really, really need to be better than this, we just don't think you are capable of it. This Week: at Michigan St. Our Pick: Michigan St. 43, Indiana 0.

2) Memphis 2-8. Yes, we know, you beat Tulane. But you are still a horrible football program. And want to go to a BCS conference, then you need to field a BCS level team, not a Sun-Belt level one. This Week: vs. Marshall. Our Pick: Marshall 28, Memphis 12.

1) Florida Atlantic 0-9. Congratulations. You are the new worst team in College Football. And it doesn't appear to be close. If only the BCS would hand out a "Toilet Bowl" would be immediately Fed-Ex'd to Boca Raton. This Week: at Troy. Our Pick: Troy 38, FAU 13.

And that is that. Enjoy your accompaniment.

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