Friday, November 18, 2011

DEVELOPING: NCAA to investigate Penn State

((ht: Associated Press))

Oh boy. The NCAA has officially informed the administration at Penn State that they will conduct an investigation of what happened in the Jerry Sandusky/child-sex scandal. And they are using the words "Institutional Control".

By now, we are all familiar with the Sandusky scandal where he is charged with some 40 counts of serial child sex abuse.

And it appears, based on the Grand Jury report and other reports, that the abuse may have been preventable. That includes some inferences that Penn State may have deliberately covered it up. provides a copy of the letter RIGHT HERE

NCAA President Mark Emmert sent a registered letter to the school's interim president Rodney Erickson. In that letter Emmert tells Erickson that the NCAA will not interfere with the ongoing investigations, but will look into the schools response and handling of the issues at hand.

Emmert goes on to quote the potential violations of NCAA bylaws and requests the school to provide information on their response to what was happening. Of particular concern to him is the behaviors and failures of the institution that are spelled out in the Grand Jury report.

He finishes by adding that the schools report on what they did should be submitted to the NCAA no later than December 16th for the organization to then determine the next steps.

This...isn't good. But it was, we suppose, just a matter of time. If found negligent in their response to what was happening, the "Institutional Control" charge could be a very serious one. The NCAA has some leeway in how they administer that, but it could be yet another piece adding to the pile that is the problem the school created.

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