Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Butch Davis posts YouTube PSA to defend himself

Butch Davis
((ht: CoachDavis15))

Well, this is kind of odd.

It seems former North Carolina football head coach Butch Davis has decided to take to the airways and papers to defend his legacy in Chapel Hill.

Davis lost his job after the school came under intense NCAA scrutiny for a number of issues including suspended players, an assistant coach (John Blake) who was accused of being a front man for an agent and tutoring/academic issues by the team.

He harped...at length about his accomplishments at Miami...but didn't talk much about the specific issues that plagued him at UNC. We also found the section where Davis speaks about Blake is heavily edited and Davis claims no knowledge of Blake's friendship with agent Gary Wichard.

Oh, he apparently did an Op-Ed for the Raleigh News-Observer too. You can read it RIGHT HERE

He seems to feel obligated to excuse the traffic ticket problems and other issues only saying maybe he should have known and they were dealt with once they were brought to his attention.

Davis is choosing this forum to defend what he feels is his honor. And no, we understand his point that he was never accused/charged with any of these issues. We don't know if this is his way of trying to let people know he is unemployed and looking for work. Either way, it is an odd way to do it.

If you have 9 minutes of your day to spend watching this, here ya go:

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