Thursday, January 1, 2015

Winter Classic Goes To Caps In Last Seconds

((HT: NHL on NBC))

The HQ will admit that we like the idea of hockey being played outdoors and having it count in the standings...

This year's Winter Classic was in Washington, DC for the Caps and the Chicago Blackhawks.

There was actually talk that players would wear sunglasses to combat the sunshine that would be present at Nationals Park before 2:30 eastern time- the time of day that the sun would drop behind the home bleachers. But, as a bit of a make-good, the NHL decided to make the teams change ends in the first period at the half-way point in addition to the third period switch.

The winner went to Troy Brouwer, but not without some consternation and questioning of a late penalty call.

Here's the highlights

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews was asked about the loss- and the stuff that happened late
((HT: CSN Chicago))

So, now it's back to playing hockey indoors until the Outdoor Classics come back in a little while...

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