Thursday, January 1, 2015

Boise Wins Fiesta AGAIN!!! Antoine Turner Gets A Ring


Bryan Harsin, the new Boise State head coach, went into the Chris Peterson playbook for a good dose of irony in their 38-30 win over Arizona in Glendale on New Year's Eve.

He even pulled out the reverse "Statue of Liberty" play for a TD in a handoff to Jay Ajayi for ther second of his three runs for score on the day.

The point was made that Boise is the Gonzaga of college football- it doesn't matter who they play, the Broncos get their pounds of flesh in whatever bowl game they play, regardless of opponent.

But one of the cool stories for Boise is that of Antoine Turner- the homeless junior college star that ended up getting a competitive waiver from the NCAA to be able to have a roof over his head, enroll in school and get playing for the university.

A great young man and a greater story...

Here's the interview with Turner off the win at the end of the longest season of football he has ever had...

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