Thursday, June 28, 2012

ESPN's deal with Rose Bowl: Good luck other championship suitors

Their Championship Trophy
To the surprise of nobody, ESPN announcemed Thursday that they will continue televising the Rose Bowl for the next 11-years.

And the obvious, quick question is "Why should we care?"

The answer is the clause stating whatever the College Championship situation becomes, will not change ESPN broadcasting the game.

Or in simpler terms: They (ESPN) will be a part of the playoff broadcast system no matter what happens with the other games.

And yes, it also means the Emperor and the Empire probably will be your Championship Game Broadcaster.

Does it guarantee it?


But if you are CBS, NBC or FOX, your chances of getting a monopoly on the playoffs just ended.

You are probably asking yourself another question..."Why do I care about this?"

The answer is, unless you are in TV, you probably don't, but just no that this is the single biggest reason you are getting your playoff.


It's not about appeasing you the fan. That has nothing to do with it. The group formerly known as the BCS doesn't care what you think. All they care about is the money. And the money---it's pretty damn good.

While they made decent scratch on the BCS, the next deal promises we are guessing at least 4X what they are currently getting from ESPN. (Currently low $billions)

Will any of that money go to the athletes...or the students at a given school.


In fact HELL NO.

It will go to pay for the bloated athletic budgets and the insanely stupid salaries these power conference schools pay coaches. It will go towards travel and new facilities. It will go mostly to Athletic Directors and School Presidents, Conference Commissioners and the keepeers of the Big Bowl Games, mostly in the form of bonuses.

But it won't go to anyone that it should. And that includes the NCAA.

By the way, we move that this become the ESPN Theme song...what do you think?

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