Thursday, June 28, 2012

Big 12 Proves TV Money driving conference swaps


No, this isn't a shock. At least to us. We've been saying it for months, but we are a relatively small outlet and the big boys don't always pay attention to what we have to say. (They should)

To the surprise of few, a report in yesterdays Oklahoman Newspaper quotes an internal Big 12 expansion discussion. And among the highlights: The statement saying in essence "Our television partners agree the only partner that would enhance Big 12 value for television is Notre Dame."

Note--Those partners would be ESPN and FOX Sports.

Read the entire NewsOK story RIGHT HERE

Please note that the Big 12 is not set on expanding according to reports. Though we don't believe them.

And the fact they are looking at this as an option doesn't even outrage us.


The issue is the TV component of this. We've always thought and surmised they may be behind all the conference realignment, this is the first proof that it's true.

And if you are one of those people that say..."Deal with it", we tell you, your game isn't as pure as you'd like to believe. And arguably, the "Championship" series is a collaborative sham perpetrated on the most colleges, college students and the general public.

Since the NCAA has no control over the Bowls...or the playoffs (Did you know this?), we should just call this what it is. You can say its a "National Championship" game, but unless you attend one of a few select schools, you'll never play in it. You can say it's being done to have a "Clear Champion", but we would argue it's ESPN's champion.

In fact, we'd argue that College Football should stop PRETENDING to be an amateur sport. It isn't. Do any of you REALLY think all the changing conference alignments are being done for the benefit of anyone at your school of choice?

No, it's being done to line the pockets of the Executive's at ESPN. It's being done to line the pockets of conference commissioners. It's not being done because it's in your best interest.

It hasn't been like that for a very long time.

Can anyone disagree that ESPN runs Sports on both the Professional and College levels?

No, didn't think so.

Hope you enjoy life and your game as dictated by the 4-letter word/Evil Empire/SkyNet

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