Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ray Rice Had A Presser: Believe At Your Own Peril, Deford Goes After Goodell's Handling Of It


Here's his sound bite on how he will be an advocate on domestic violence issues with his wife, Janay...

If this had come sooner, and not in the pee-ahr dumpster fire that is the Baltimore Ravens, there might be a little more credibility here. But the HQ is not really holding its breath on this one...

The greatest hits:

He apologized to his wife

He claimed that he did not have a domestic violence issue before February

He would not go into detail as to what actually went down in the elevator in the moments before the security camera video picks up the two of them pouring out of the elevator

He apologized to any woman who has faced a violent situation

He would not have appealed the suspension- no matter how long it was

But Frank Deford of NPR's "Morning Edition" brought up an interesting tack on the future of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell- basically asking for his head- in his Wednesday commentary.

In part:

Goodell's sideswipe of a punishment to Ray Rice indicates, if nothing else, a cultural ignorance on his part. Remember, this is the businessman who is widely compared to a tobacco executive for so long procrastinating, denying the effects of obvious occupational concussions, a promoter who hanged a good health of his fungible players, even now wants more Thursday games and a longer regular-season schedule. But the NFL is the biggest boon this side of the Internet, so Goodell is cocooned by his ever-richer owners and a phalanx of admiring football reporters. The networks, his breathless partners, are simply bootlickers. The exalted NFL so needs a rector, a magistrate who comes to the game, not from within it. It needs a leader of grace and vision. More and more, Roger Goodell just looks like a slick, selling us 76 trombones.

Listen to it all here

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