Monday, July 21, 2014

WWE References MH17 In Pay-Per-View For Cheap Heat

((HT: WWE/Larry Brown Sports))

This was NOT a smart scripting move by the WWE last night at their "Battleground" pay-per-view...

The HQ, in our younger days, marked out for the whole Hogan-Sheik-Slaughter-Volkov rivalry thing.
We got it...

But last night, the script writers got this move approved by Lana as she set up the Rusev-Jack Swagger match
(Until it gets pulled)

All it was in the old days was anthem singing, saluting, and embracing ideologies.
But, now that the levels have been elevated and the audience numbers are more important (translation: heat- get it now and keep it as long as you can...)

You pull stunts like that...
Ultimately, for Lana, it's what's on the script to read. It's the writers that are on the block for this one...

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