Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Donald Sterling Sues Wife And NBA Again

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Donald Sterling is a very busy man in the middle of his probate case going on in Los Angeles.

He filed another concurrent suit in Superior Court seeking damages from the NBA, commissioner Adam Silver, his wife Shelly Sterling, and the Clippers alleging they all violated corporate law in trying to sell the team.

Sterling argues he is the sole owner and shareholder of the parent organization: LAC Basketball Club- that manages and runs the team. His interest in LACBC was in the Family Trust, but he maintains that when he revoked the trust (the crux of the current arguments in probate court), everything went back to his own personal interest and management.

And, therefore, he's the guy in charge of everything- not his wife or anyone else.

Max Bretos checks in with Ramona Shelburne about the latest adventures

And then interim CEO Richard Parsons, as part of his testimony, revealed and reinforced that if Donald Sterling was to remain owner that coach and GM Doc Rivers was checking out.

Bretos and Shelburne again

Clippers fans who have followed the franchises ups and downs for a long time feel this is par for the course and should not be surprised that the final salvo Donald Sterling is interested in firing at any of his detractors is going to just have the franchise in a slow burn of failure- mandated by behavior in the courts of Los Angeles.

If Donald Sterling is going down, he is going to take it all with him...

To hell with all of you...

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