Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Star WR Implicated, D-Lineman Dismissed from UGA Football

Jonathan Taylor/UGA DL/Athens-Clarke County Jail

The semi-quiet offseason for the Georgia Bulldogs is quiet no more. And the flurry of activity comes but just days before the opening of camp.

There are two stories here:

(Issue #1):

A "5-Star" recruit has been implicated in a dormitory robbery earlier in July. reports Darnell Saloman is wanted by UGA Police as a suspect in the robbery at Busbee Hall where 2 female students reported a stolen I-Phone and a wallet with cash and credit cards. They've issued a warrant for his arrest.

Saloman was in Athens for UGA's "Dawg Night" camp.

Saloman's coach in Florida, Mike Tunsil issued a statement saying his rising junior receiver is innocent and that he'll be cleared of charges.

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(Issue #2):

Sophomore nose tackle Jonathan Taylor was dismissed from the Bulldogs football team shortly upon his release from the Athens-Clarke County jail Wednesday afternoon.

Taylor was in jail on aggravated assault/family violence charges after a complaint was registered he had assaulted his girlfriend this past weekend.

Taylor was already on thin ice after being arrested back in March with a couple of teammates on "theft by deception" charges. They were trying to double dip meal reimbursement checks.

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For you SEC types this raises a few questions. Several columnists in the Atlanta area are using this to say Georgia recruits the wrong type of kid. We would argue college football in general, the SEC specifically has the same problem.

It's the age old dilemma.

How do you compete with teams like LSU who forgave Jeremy Hill after rape and assault charges or Auburn who takes Josh Harvey-Clemons after he's dismissed in Athens.

Are there bad kids in College Football? Yes. Are there kids playing who probably shouldn't be? Absolutely.

The price of admission for an elite team is different than it used to be. You have to hope and cross your fingers kids you bring in behave. You know there's a chance they won't. They're college kids, they do stupid things.

That doesn't excuse either of these kids...or anyone else.

But don't preach on one hand the sanctity of good kids while on the other hand saying you can't compete unless you are pulling from the same pool everyone else is.

It doesn't work both ways.

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