Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Trouble for UGA Football: Linebacker Arrested for DUI

Davin Bellamy

Safe to say it's not been the quietest offseason in University of Georgia football history.

The Macon Telegraph reports early Saturday morning, backup linebacker Davin Bellamy was pulled over and arrested on DUI and speeding charges by the Athens-Clarke County PD.

Just 4 days ago, the Dawgs had to deal with DL Jonathan Taylor getting arrested and charged with assault. Taylor was dropped from the program the next day.

In Bellamy's case, the charges are technically misdemeanors and whether you call this trivializing things or not, it's something college students do. Quite frequently.

Read the full story on what happened from the Telegraph RIGHT HERE

Per the Telegraph, the school has the ability to make Bellamy sit out for two games. Since this incident just happened (5am Saturday, we're posting this at 8:30a Saturday), the University nor coach Mark Richt have commented or had a chance to review what happened.

Only time will tell what they decide to do.

And yes, this season's camp opens in just a few days. It's this time of year coaches get nervous because they don't technically get to keep close tabs on players. And like we said, so far, the week for the Dawgs can't get much worse.


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