Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lowell Spinners Retire Westmoreland's #25


Ryan Westmoreland was regarded as a five-tool player when the Boston Red Sox drafted him in 2008.

He worked his way through the minor league system and was listed as a team Top 25 prospect in 2010. But he started to experience numbness in his body. Doctors found a cavernous malformation and removed it from his brain stem. The surgery was a success and he attempted a comeback in the 2012 season.

It wasn't to be.

He had to retire in the 2013 season and, currently, suffers from double vision, partial facial paralysis and numbness in the entire right side of his body. He has always been a part of the Red Sox family and the single-A franchise in Lowell, the Spinners, decided Westmoreland would be the first number retired by the franchise.

Here's their tribute video before the retiring ceremony

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