Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Testimony In One Sterling Trial Wraps Up


One down, and what is it...??? Two cases in play...???

The first-filed (that's probably the best way to phrase it...) case by Donald Sterling against Shelly Sterling determining who is in charge of the Los Angeles Clippers is finished with its testimony.

Closing arguments begin Monday...

Naturally, both sides, both lawyers, and both Sterlings are thinking that they're doing well in the case.
Here's the word from outside the courtroom...

The closing arguments will detail whether Shelly pulled an end-run in getting control over her estranged husband or if judge Michael Levanas will side with the physicians who have declared him mentally incompetent in running the Sterling Family Trust and the Los Angeles Clippers.

The other two cases Donald Sterling has against his estranged wife and the NBA are still in play at present and have no end of discussions- whether frivolous or optimistic.

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