Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Frenchy's Revenge: Chihuahuas Prank Jeff Francoeur Again as He Gets Call Back to Padres


Former Atlanta Brave, New York Met, Kansas City Royal and San Francisco Padre Jeff Francoeur can now add another Major League Baseball team to his ever-growing resume--the San Diego Padres.

Francoeur on Wednesday got a call up from the Padres Triple-A team in El Paso.

But not before his friends and teammates on the Chihuahuas got one last practical joke in....

Check out what happened to our hero when he tried to use the coaches bathroom this past weekend before a home game.

His teammates/friends decided there'd be no getting out for one of the goofiest, easy-going guys in the game.

The put together quite the mousetrap to keep him locked in.

But alas, Frenchy eventually made his escape through the roof.

And tried to crawl back up there after his friends found him.

Luckily nobody was hurt other than Francoeur's dry-fit, plenty of players have gone on the DL for less.

Your video courtesy teammate/filmmaker Cody Decker:

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