Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rockies Mis-Spell Star Shortstop's Name on Jersey Giveaway



It's bad enough the Colorado Rockies are already struggling through a painfully bad season. 43-60, with a ton of injuries.

It's even worse when they do a jersey giveaway in the name of their best player....and spell his name wrong.

Yes, they did this.

On Troy Tulowitzki jersey night Saturday, the team handed out 15,000 free jerseys to fans. One BIG problem. They spelled their all-star Shortstops name "Tulowizki".

They forgot the "T" in Tulowitzki...

For their part, the team apologized and promised to do another similar giveaway later in the season where they will allow fans to exchange the jersey's for one spelled correctly.

But it doesn't excuse the mistake.

Surely somebody in the organization would be charged with checking such a thing. Even if it were an intern...or somebody in P.R.

But this is the Rockies we're talking about...

So we could be wrong.

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