Saturday, April 21, 2012

BREAKING: Raffi Torres Gets 25 Games

This can be taken one of two ways...

Brendan Shanahan's inequality of doling out punishment continues or Torres got what he deserved and the team is without a player since their competition is without one of the most complete players in the game today...

Your reminder of what brought us here...
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Torres' 25 games will carry over into the next regular season if the Coyotes playoffs from 2012 don't add up to the 25-game number. He also won't be allowed in any pre-season games at the beginning of the 2012-2013 year...

Here's the statement from Shanahan in full:

"This is a violation of three NHL rules – interference, charging and illegal check to the head."

"In addition to the fact that three separate NHL rules were violated with this one hit, two other factors were critical in determining the appropriate length of suspension:

"First, this violent and dangerous hit caused a severe injury.

"Second, Torres not only is a repeat offender as defined by the CBA, his extensive Supplemental Discipline history consists mainly of acts very similar to this one – including two this season."

"Despite knowing that Hossa no longer has the puck, Torres decides to finish his check past the amount of time when Hossa is eligible to be bodychecked. That is a violation of the Interference rule."

"While we acknowledge the circumstances of certain hits may cause a player's skates to come off the ice, on this hit, Torres launches himself into the air before making contact. This is a violation of the Charging rule."

"The position of Hossa's head does not change just prior to or simultaneous with this hit. The onus, therefore, is on Torres not to make it the principal point of contact. By leaping, Torres makes Hossa's head the principal point of contact. That is a violation of the Illegal Check to the Head rule."

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