Saturday, April 28, 2012

In case you missed it: Ump tackles dumbass streaking fan

There is a reason that TV networks no longer shows the idiots who run out onto fields during the course of a ballgame. And simply put: It's not to encourage other morons to try it so they can get on TV.

However, this is quite good video.

During Friday nights Baltimore Orioles game against Oakland, some drunk, dumbass teen or 20-year old ran out onto the Camden Yards field. For some reason nobody seemed to be in a hurry to stop him as he loops through the infield, rounds third and heads home.

That's when Home Plate ump Jeff Kellogg steps in.

And drops the ass-clown, holding him in place with a knee in the middle of his back.

We only hope it hurt the stupid-mf. We hope it injures him real good.

But it probably didn't.

Your video:

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