Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Report: Garrick McGee will end up back in Arkansas


It appears the choice is somewhat inevitable. And no, we don't believe the Phil Fulmer to Arkansas rumor has any weight whatsoever.

Haha...we made a weight joke...

The coaching news report site is reporting that current UAB head coach Garrick McGee will take over the floundering Arkansas Razorback football program next week.

The move has been foreshadowed a bit when Arkansas AD Jeff Long announced he would name his new coach no later than Tuesday of next week. For what its worth, UAB's Spring Game is Saturday.

And in case you are wondering, McGee was disgraced former Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino's offensive coordinator before taking the UAB job back in December.

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For continuity sake, this probably isn't a bad hire. But we believe that Arkansas could have done better by sticking with an interim coach this year and then having the "Pick of the Litter" next season.

Sure, we know that they may not find a better coach, but consider that McGee, while highly regarded was only able to score the UAB job as opposed to some of the higher profile jobs that came available during this years carousel.

That isn't to say he won't be successful, he may. But his 1st job running a college team is going to be a "High" profile job with a team expected to challenge the SEC's elite. He may turn out to be every bit as good as Les Miles and Nick Saban and even the Chizik, but for a school yearning to be considered elite, he may or may not be the answer.

Our thoughts and prayers to the folks at UAB who look like they are going to have to find another head coach too.

Everytime the story of Bobby Petrino pops up, we think of this...from back in 2007. How short the memories...

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