Friday, April 13, 2012

Rob Gronkowski wants Tim Tebow's virginity?


We debated the merits of posting this incredibly stupid, yet telling video from New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski's appearance at the University of Rhode Island.

The comment came when "Gronk" was asked to play a game of "Murder, make love or Kill". ((***Note***--we had no idea that (a) such a game existed and (b) that it would be asked during a public appearance at a college)).

In the video, when asked the question, Gronkowski says point blank that he would "F- Tebow and take his virginity"

The comment seems to be interpreted by the audience...and most bloggers this morning as being "Funny", however, we don't necessarily see the humor in it. Sure, we get that Gronkowski's Patriots and Tebow's Jets are rivals, but the comment isn't exactly something you hear most people make about someone else.

Anyway, we'll stop judging and acting the prude and show you the video:

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