Thursday, April 19, 2012

Are We Going Back To Ice Edge And PHX...??? Majors Or Minors...???

If you pay attention to Keith McCullough and his Twitter feed...

Super secret: Ice Edge Holdings is not done with The Phoenix Coyotes yet - we love hockey and its fans

Could this be the group that outgoing Glendale owner Elaine Scruggs was talking about that they wanted no part of...???

Arizona Republic beat writer Lisa Halverstadt reports that if the Greg Jamison deal goes through, he would have no problem knocking off a few million dollars from the first-year subsidy from the city- from $20-million to $17-million.

By the way, Halverstadt is mandatory reading...

The issue with all of the subsidies is, currently, the city of Glendale is on the edge of a $35-million budget shortfall for the next fiscal year.

The subsidies are supposed to be $20-million for the first four years and $15-million for the 2017 year.

Councilman Phil Lieberman is asking Tea Party members to show up for the next City Council meeting to protest any kind of subsidy- at all...

But if it's not the NHL and the Coyotes, it may be the minors instead...

Halverstadt came across an (Ice Edge/Lakehead Yale partner) Anthony LeBlanc e-mail from April 1:

He added that the group had “conceptually mapped out” alternative plans for the arena including long-term management of the arena, the purchase of a franchise to replace the Coyotes, a plan to increase the number of events at and a plan to “most benefit (Westgate City Center) and the City of Glendale as a whole.”

LeBlanc said he had talked with the National Hockey League about his plans, and got their approval to pursue the matter in more detail.

All that in order to try and prevent this for the second straight year
((HT: Sportsnet/JHendrix70))

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