Monday, April 9, 2012

Petrino's police escort reports on incident: Interesting but not overly relevant


Interesting. And it may, at least for now shoot down the rumors of a hush conspiracy surrounding Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino's motorcycle accident and his blonde passenger Jessica Dorrell.

The Arkansas State Police released a report today from Captain Lance King, Petrino's escort during football season regarding the call he received and his version of the events surrounding Sunday's crash.

In it, King states that he didn't meet up with Petrino and Dorrell until after the accident and they had been transported to a lot near Fayetteville. He also mentions speaking to Dorrell, but didn't know who she was. She described what happened and helped Petrino into King's car and King transported the coach to an area hospital.

It's a lengthy report you can check out on Arkansas RIGHT HERE

To summarize for you; essentially the report exonerates King from any "So-called" conspiracy theories. doesn't explain Petrino's rationale for lying about Dorrell's participation in all of this. It also doesn't get into the part which ultimately will get Petrino in trouble and that is the hiring of Dorrell on his football staff and his admission that she is and/or was his mistress.

We are reasonably sure that Razorback A.D Jeff Long will not fire Petrino over this. Though he arguably could. We've stated before and we will state again, it isn't the accident that is the overriding issue here, its Dorrell and Petrino's admitting that (a) he had an affair with her and (b) she got hired fairly recently on his staff.

We nor does anyone else believe for a minute that Petrino ended his affair with her...then hired her on his staff. And that friends is morally poor and maybe not illegal, but highly unethical.

The bet here is that Petrino will sit out the 1st two games of the 2012 season. And no the issue won't go away, you can bet the farm that every recruiter in the SEC will use Petrino's lack of "Truthiness" against him while on the recruiting trail.

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