Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jeremy Mayfield In More Trouble

((HT: WBTV-TV Charlotte))

Former NASCAR racer Jeremy Mayfield is in trouble in three separate counties in and around Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mayfield is now charged with five counts of felonious breaking and entering of tractor trailers and one count of subsequent felonious larceny. He is also charged with two counts of felonious breaking and entering and felonious larceny from a building.

He has a court date in June in another county over three charges of possession of stolen goods, one count of obtaining property by false pretenses and one count of possession of methamphetamine.

In a third county, he faces four counts of felony larceny and will appear in that county court April 30.

Back in November, it was disclosed he's behind in his taxes and county folks are a little more than fed up about getting their money...

Here's Maureen O'Boyle and Dedrick Russell

Police raided his home and found stolen goods and meth back in November... here's that search warrant...

Mayfield had his court case against NASCAR thrown out a long time ago, but still feels that NASCAR is in cahoots with the informant that got Mayfield investigated and in trouble.

The HQ thinks that Mayfield will still go downhill before he bottoms out...

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