Friday, April 20, 2012

SMU And Larry Brown

SMU needed a head coach for the Mustangs men's basketball program. Larry Brown wanted another shot coaching.

Today Larry Brown is the new head coach of the Mustangs

SMU hasn't mattered in men's basketball since the mid-1980's when Jon Koncak was leading the way. SMU hasn't hung a championship banner at Moody Coliseum since 1993 when the Mustangs won the Southwest Conference championship. By the way that's the last time the 'Stangs galloped to the NCAA Tournament.

Larry Brown? His resume looks like a travel itinerary for a traveling salesman.
1972 Davidson
1972-74 Carolina Cougars (ABA)
1974-79 Danver Nuggetts (ABA & NBA)
1979-81 UCLA
1981-83 New Jersey Nets
1983-88 Kansas
1988-92 San Antonio Spurs
1992-93 L.A. Clippers
1993-97 Indiana Pacers
1997-2003 Philadelphia 76ers
2003-05 Detroit Pistons
2005-06 New York Knicks
2008-10 Charlotte Bobcats

Next stop, Dallas, Texas and SMU

SMU Steve Orsini found out that the only candidates for the gig were assistant coaches looking for the stepping stone head coaching job.

With the move to the Big East on the horizon Orsini wasn't impressed with his choices.

Larry Brown was out there and Orsini went after him. The hire has accomplished one thing, the Mustangs became relavent in the Dallas media.

Now Larry Brown, who hasn't coached a college game since Kansas defeated Oklahoma in 1988 for the NCAA Championship, must put the paddles to a program that has flat lined for the last 10 years.

Oh Brown will do just that, he's way too good of a coach to not revive the Mustang fortunes. Brown just won't be around to finish the job. Two to 3 years is about enough to keep Larry Brown's attention.

Brown can lay the foundation of success and in some cases (Kansas and the Detroit Pistons) see it through. Then there's another project to work on.

Steve Orsini will take that. He just bought a whole bunch of publicity for a men's basketball program that wasn't on the radar screen in the Metroplex.

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