Saturday, April 21, 2012

Falcons Easterling Committed Suicide

((HT: NFL Network))

Richmond, Virginia police captain Yvonne Crowder tells's AJ Perez that the death of former Atlanta Falcon is being ruled a suicide.

The 62-year-old former defensive back was found by his wife, Mary Ann, in his bedroom Thursday with a handgun nearby. Easterling was one of the more than a thousand names as party in the lawsuit against the National Football League over head injuries sustained when the now-retired athletes performed in a different era when it came to care and treatment of concussions and other brain trauma.

“He had been feeling more and more pain,” Mary Ann Easterling told Perez. “He felt like his brain was falling off. He was losing control. He couldn’t remember things from five minutes ago. It was frightening, especially somebody who had all the plays memorized as a player when he stepped on the field.”

Easterling had been diagnosed with dementia in March of 2011, but had suffered with bouts of depression and insomnia- symptoms associated with repeated and undiagnosed/underdiagnosed head trauma.

It will be interesting to see if the Easterling family donates his body to the Boston University researchers digging into the effects of CTE. Such a diagnosis would echo the recent BU examinations of former NFL'ers Dave Duerson and Terry Long.

The HQ wouldn't be surprised if there were, at least, traces in their examinations...

But that just us and our dime store logic...

Here's what the Grits Blitz was all about...

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