Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Petrino Out, The Day After

Yes this is a low point in the history of Arkansas Razorback football, perhaps even lower than losing to The Citidel in the 1992 opener and then the ending of the Jack Crowe era the next day.

Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long displayed raw emotion last night in front of all the TV cameras. Long hired Bobby Petrino, was willing to stick up for his coach and was let down.

Long had no choice but to fire Bobby Petrino. It seems Petrino thought he was above the program. He forgot Long was is in charge.

FOSG Tony Barnhart put Long's news conference in perspective when he tweeted, "This is the worst beat down I have ever heard of a coach by an administrator."

As Mr. CFB puts it, "Is this going to hurt? If you love Arkansas damn right it hurts. "

Here's Mark Edwards and former Hog Anthony Lewis discussing for morning television

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