Friday, April 20, 2012

Branding Police: Don't post from the 2012 Olympics or else

The place where the gathering will be/Please don't arrest me

Yikes! It's a good thing we have no interest what so ever in reporting anything Olympic (god I hope the secret police don't get me for typing that word), because according to the folks at the Guardian in Britain, you could get arrested for it.

Yes, that's right. If you go to the 2012 O-L-Y-M-P-I-C-S (crap, I just said it again) and tweet about it, or post a Facebook photo to show you were there, you are violating British law.

We were shocked to hear this too. We are pretty sure the Chinese, a group all about controlling the message weren't this over-the-top.

Apparently, in order to host the "Games that can't be mentioned unless you pay money to sponsor them", you have to agree to the IOC's demand that nobody outside of "PAYING" sponsors can use any derivative of the "Year, Word, Host City etc" in ANY combination.

No, really, we aren't delusional and we aren't making this up.

Oh...wait, it gets better (or worse). Apparently, you can't even use words that "MIGHT" be associated with the event either.


Uh...there's more.

The punishment/flogging/death threats include the athletes. Particularly those represented or speaking of "NON PAYING BRANDS". If your favorite athlete is a Nike guy and has a Nike logo during the may never see him alive again. The "Gathering" is apparently sponsored by Addidas.


We are serious here.

Read the story from the GuardianUK RIGHT HERE

((**Editor Note**--Apparently pubs and other places can't even say "Come to our place to watch the _____ " either. Same rules apparently apply.))

This is the part where we go off on an uncontrolled rant about the sheer lunacy, madness and violation of not only free speech, but speech in any form.

Call us flabbergasted.

Yes, if you read the story, the "Business folks" and IOC representatives don't seem to think this is a problem. And you know what? Inside the venues and the Olympic (oh damn...I said it again) venue, they have a legitimate argument.

But not in the rest of the known universe.

We are pretty sure that in some way, shape or form this violates pretty much every free speech right in existence. today's universe, really it no longer does.

And you ask...Why?

It's because "Paid Sponsors" and "Big Corporations" can push through pretty much any legislation that they want.

Oh crap...I'm getting political again.

If they spend enough money or put the right pressure on the right politician...(finger snap!), you've got new legislation.

Don't believe me? Then spend your money, buy your ticket and go to unnamed city for the current years athletic gathering (insert sarcasm), take pictures and post them on Twitter or Facebook and use the city or events name.

Don't be surprised if you get hauled away to the Thought Police jail sometime in the middle of one of the next few nights.

**NOTE**--If you don't see a story from me in the next few days here on OSG Sports, send a search party. Or at least call ABC and have them send Ashley Judd because I'm Missing.  Also, please notify The Lovely Bride and give Happy Rosie the pup and Oliver the Cat my best.

Brings back memories of this...doesn't it?

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