Tuesday, April 17, 2012

More trouble in Arkansas: LB Tyler Gilbert arrested

((ht: arkansas360.com))
Tyler Gilbert Booking photo/couresy: washington cty detention center

Yes, its been a rough couple of weeks for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

First, they lose head coach Bobby Petrino after Petrino acted with his little head instead of his big one...and now this.

Linebacker Tyler Gilbert has been indefinitely suspended after his arrest for aggravated burglary stemming from an incident last Thursday.

According to Arkansas360.com, Gilbert was charged after kicking down the door of a fraternity brother and then taking items from the mans apartment. Oh...he apparently hit him with a crowbar too.


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Well, it looks like interim coach Taver Johnson certainly has his hands full. Not only does he have to keep the program on track, he apparently needs to monitor player behavior a bit too.

We aren't saying Gilbert's incident is systemic of problems...but it certainly indicates that the whole "Razorback Nation" isn't exactly having the best month of April they've ever had.

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