Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Report: Larry Brown to resurface at SMU

Larry Brown
((ht: espn.com/Jason King))

Surely this has to be a record for most basketball coaching jobs held by one person in a career.

It appears 71-year old Larry Brown is going to be named head basketball coach at SMU within the next couple of days.

ESPN.com's Jason King reports Brown has agreed to take the job if long time friend and current Illinois State coach Tim Jankovich will be hired to be his "Coach in Waiting".

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Yes, its true, Brown is the only coach to win an NCAA title and NBA title. He's coached in more places that we can remember. He's considered one of the great teachers in basketball history. And if SMU was looking to make a splash with their coaching hire, he certainly will give them that.

The impression we get here is that he's doing this to help his friend Jankovich as much as anything. Brown hasn't been on a coaching sideline since leaving the woeful Charlotte Bobcats in 2010. And yes, there have been plenty of rumors of his return.

If this report is correct, it appears the man is back.

Here's Brown on David Letterman's show after winning the NBA title with Detroit in 2004:

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