Thursday, April 26, 2012

Report: NFL to end Pro Bowl (For Now)


The question should be: If the NFL cancels the Pro Bowl would anyone other than the players notice?

The answer is: No

According to a report this morning (Thursday) from ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the NFL has decided to put the Pro Bowl on hiatus.

And the reason apparently is "Lack of Competitiveness".

Which we get.

NFL Players take a much bigger physical risk in their all-star game than any other sport. You can't have them playing full, 100% speed in the game because nobody wants to risk injury.

And we are in complete agreement about it.

The problem is the league desperately wants a showcase for its biggest stars, much like baseball and basketball are able to make a big deal/weekend about their game.

But it is different.

Because of the lack of competitiveness, nobody watches the Pro Bowl. They don't. Even the crazed, watch and read everything about the NFL psycho fans don't watch it. It's boring. It's not fun.

We wish the Jolly Roger and his cohorts luck in trying to come up with a better plan, a better format. We understand the want to have a "All-Star" extravaganza.

In that vein, we suggest this (and if you do it, we want credit):

Do an "All-Star" awards weekend.

Have a big event in New York or LA or some other big venue.

Give out all your awards for the season that night. Make it like the Oscars.

People would watch. Really, they would.

Imagine something like this. News all over the world.

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