Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crittenton Main Suspect In Murder Case

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Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton is the main suspect in the drive-by shooting death of a 22-year-old woman, according to Atlanta police. Jullian Jones was shot back on the 19th and later died of her injuries.

Police said Jones, a mother of four, is not believed to be the actual target, but the act was apparently in retaliation for an April robbery in which Crittendon was a victim.

"It's my understanding there was some jewelry and other valuables that were stolen. It appears that he may have had an NBA ring that was stolen during the robbery," said Atlanta Police Major Keith Meadow.

Meadow said police had reports of Crittenton being in the area more than once asking about the robbery. The APD said they have talked to Crittenton, and are making arrangements with the FBI for him to turn himself in.

Police said witnesses have already identified Crittenton as the shooter in the Jones death.

"We had a great deal of outrage in that community shortly after Ms. Jones was shot and we had a great deal of cooperation from people in the community," said Meadow. "We feel very good and comfortable with the evidence in this particular case."

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Police: Former NBA Player Javaris Crittenton Wanted for Atlanta Murder:

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