Friday, August 12, 2011

Keep August 22nd On Your Calendars... Movement Afoot...???


The man who knows everything Longhorns, Chip Brown, is of the feel that on the aforementioned date, the folks over at Texas A&M may go ahead and vote on their future in the Big 12/10 and start the process on moving to the Ess-E-Cee...

The A&M folks are denying anything and everything- of course. No comment could be grabbed from former A&M yell leader, and current Texas Governor, Rick Perry since he was tied up with seven other master debaters in Iowa.

From Brown's piece:

An A&M source told the Aggies are having their lawyers look at everything, including the exit fees A&M would have to pay to leave the Big 12.

Under the current bylaws, Texas A&M would be required to relinquish 80 percent of revenues over a two-year period if the Aggies left with only a year's notice.

Nebraska and Colorado were able to pay substantially less than that by settling with the Big 12.

Sources said Thursday the SEC would be interested in adding Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and Virginia Tech in addition to Texas A&M to form a 16-team super conference. Florida State has also been mentioned as a possible target of the SEC, according to Big 12 sources.

More, obviously, when we know more...

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