Thursday, July 21, 2011

KC Chiefs Not Making Fans Of Own Employees

[HT: WDAF-TV Kansas City, MO]

There's being cheap and then there's being a cheap bastard. The Kansas City Chiefs might count for the later.

WDAF-TV in Kansas City is reporting that ticket takers and parking attendants of the NFL team have been told they can no longer watch a Chiefs game for free when they complete there job thus taking away one of the few benefits of the job.

In other words, clock out and hit the road.

Here's the report from John Pepitone of Fox 4 Kansas City.


I got to think Lamar Hunt is looking down thinking, "What the....." Those of us at the OSG HQ think this is a very dumb move by the Chiefs and should be reversed.

Otherwise when you have your ticket scanned at Arrowhead Stadium by a ticket taker you might get this treatment from this scene from one of the HQ's favorite flicks, Christmas Vacation.

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