Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Texas A&M Exploring U of Texas' "Horns Of Plenty" From the 4-Letter

Since ESPN and the University of Texas partnered in the "Longhorn Network" cable channel, coming to your cable soon very soon, it was common knowledge that this is all about making Texas' pockets much deeper in cash and solidifying the Texas athletic program as all powerful in the slimmed down Big 12 Conference. (Down to 10 teams.)

Down at Texas A&M, Texas' longtime rival, the new money making cable channel devoted to the Longhorns isn't passing the smell test in Aggieland.

The Texas A&M Board 0f Regents had already scheduled a meeting Thursday and Friday however there will be a closed door session with the agenda item to be discussed is "Big 12 Conference."


The executive session is informative only as the A&M Board of Regents want to explore the competitive advantage Texas will have under the 20 year, $300 million dollar deal with the 4 letter and IMG College which also plans to potentially air high school games.

According to a Houston Chronicle insider no action will be taken.

From the outside looking in this doesn't look good for the long term health of the Big 12 (10) Conference. Texas A&M sees a competitive disadvantage to Texas with ESPN money helping to fund the Longhorn program and their is no sugar daddy with that kind of big bucks ear marked for Texas A&M's athletic department.

This makes you wonder talk will begin to surface in College Station and among the Texas A&M alums that "The Hell With Texas" and begin exploring bolting to the SEC again.

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