Friday, July 22, 2011

Will The Trade Association Vote Friday...???

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If you check in with Trade Association head DeMaurice Smith or any of the hard-line player reps, the answer is "probably not..."

If we were to look into the shield's version of a Magic 8 Ball...

Smith wrote in an email to the 32 player representatives shortly after the owners' decision and back-slapping pride in Atlanta: "Issues that need to be collectively bargained remain open; other issues, such as workers' compensation, economic issues and end of deal terms, remain unresolved. There is no agreement between the NFL and the players at this time."

The HQ is fairly cvertain, however, that Jeffrey Lurie gave New Dawg more direct eye contact than he did Albert Breer of the Shield's network...

Chris Mortensen is confident of a Friday vote, but for all 32 player reps and 1,900 players all to get their hands on a copy of this 500-600 page document in time for digestion would be rare...

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