Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Really?: The Dolphins Move To Wimpier Logo

Here ya go!
Come on man!

We've made no secret that we grew up a Miami Dolphins fan. We're proud of that, despite what's happened in oh, the last 2 decades or so.

But quite honestly, we're cringing right now.

The reason.

Well, just look to the upper right here. Yes, you see it. It's the "New" Miami Dolphins logo.

Intimidating isn't it?

The team was apparently going to soft launch it in coordination with Nike over the next month or so, but apparently, the cat--or fish, got out of the bag.

Now mind you, the new jersey's, which according to a post on, will look something like this, are a bit cooler.

But it's hard to make the mascot, the team, the look or anything else look kind of intimidating when that's what your helmet looks like.

Now, the team is in the midst of pushing for an upgrade to their stadium. Yes, somewhat at the behest of gazillionaire owner Steve Ross, who wants taxpayers to pay for it. (Heard that before?)

So rest easy fellow 'Fins fans. Sure, we picked up Mike Wallace and Dannell Ellerbee in the offseason. And yeah, we got some draft picks and played pretty darn well last year.

But know that the marketing and logo wars have already beaten us. Change while not necessarily a bad thing, in this case---it may just very well be an ugly thing.

Look back in awe, we were a wee-little lad when this happened, but it's never a bad thing to re-live:

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