Friday, June 28, 2013

Clemson P.D Arrests 18-Year Old for Howard's Rock Vandalism

Micah Rogers/Courtesy: WYFF-TV

Things like this reaffirm our faith that there are tons of idiots living life alongside us.

18-year old Micah Rogers of Pigsah Forest, North Carolina was arrested and charged with felony malicious injury to animals or personal property, misdemeanor trespassing and unlawful entry into enclosed places.

The reason Rogers faces these charges in Clemson, South Carolina: Police say he's the person responsible for vandalizing Howard's Rock.

Read about that RIGHT HERE

For those unfamiliar, Howard's Rock is the symbol used by Clemson football players for luck as they run into the football stadium.

More on the arrest from RIGHT HERE

Rogers was charges, arraigned and released on bond.

The question though is: Why? Is he that stupid? Is he just mean or malicious? Is he a University of South Carolina fan?

The answer thus far to all this is no. He allegedly was seen on surveillance video and by witnesses on the scene. And supposedly, he had a Clemson bumper sticker on his car.

The surveillance video: RIGHT HERE

We guess answers will come in time.

WHNS-TV has our press conference to announce the arrest:

FOX Carolina 21

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