Friday, June 28, 2013

Glendale Issues Counter Proposal To RSE, Makes It Public

And the first thing they did was make it public...

Craig Morgan from Fox Sports Arizona and his Twitter will get the credit for this series of details...

RSE spokesperson David Leibowitz was hot since it went public before it went to RSE:

"If you want to talk about transparency then perhaps the people you’re negotiating with should enjoy such transparency.”

Mayor Jerry Weiers, who claims that the City Council is unified in their presentation of the counter to RSE came back with:

“What we worked on this morning extensively and what we’re proposing to them is some red lines that they took out that we put back in; some things that they put in that we took back out. (We’re) trying to make certain that the city is left as whole as possible because right now the city is carrying all the burdens; has all the liabilities and that’s not a good place for the city to be.”

The full counter proposal is hyah, thanks to the transparency of the City of Glendale...

Weiers continues with Morgan: "This is the way it should have been. We should had an agreement with the council, we should have had an agreement with (RSE) and everybody is in lockstep and understands, then we take it to the public.

"We were pushed into a situation that wasn’t right. It was very unprofessional -- should have never happened, but it is what it is and here we are.”

Weiers also says that the counter is what the City Council has to vote on. It can't be anything else... even if Renaissance doesn't agree with the counter put forth by the city that they are voting on...

Got all that...???

Most parties involved in this: Glendale, RSE, and the NHL have somewhat circled July 2nd since that's the date of the Glendale meeting. But, according to Morgan once again, Weiers called that an "artificial deadline" in his point-of-view.

The HQ doesn't know how wise that is to call it "artificial" since the NHL has a lot of work to do in the upcoming off-season (like "scheduling" so the teams know who they're playing and stuff like that...). Realignment was supposed to happen. What now...???

Just more questions- since questions always begat more questions...

Here's coverage from ABC15 in Phoenix

And also from AZCentral and News 12

TSN's Darren Dreger, in New Jersey for the 2013 NHL Draft, maintains that the July 2 deadline is solid- he doesn't expect the league to budge far from it and that Seattle is far from a done deal...

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