Sunday, June 30, 2013

OSG High: 12 Year-Old Girl Told She Can't Play Football With The Boys Anymore

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Because she's a girl and boys might "lust after her" and boys playing against her might have "impure thoughts..."

According to the mother of Maddy Baxter, Cassy Blythe, that's what the CEO of Strong Rock Christian School told her in a meeting to discuss why her daughter goes from starting middle school DT to on the sidelines...

Here's FOSG Russ Spencer...
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The school has posted a statement on its website saying: "Middle school girls play girls' sports and middle school boys play boy's sports." And that hasn't gone over well with the family that lives about 40 miles south of the city of Atlanta.

The hook in all of this is that Strong Rock is a private school and, therefore, not bound to the rules of county school systems. Maddy's family is trying to lobby the school to change its position- which they have a good feeling they won't. They're also thinking of transferring her or home schooling her.

Maddy has received backing from the local pro women's football team, the Atlanta Phoenix, and there is a Facebook page up encouraging anyone who is in Maddy's corner to "Let Her Play." It has over 43,000 likes at present...

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