Friday, June 28, 2013

Patriots Offer Free Trade in on Hernandez Jerseys

The Jersey in Question

Well, that didn't take long. And it appears the New England Patriots are trying to distance themselves as far away from arrested former TE Aaron Hernandez as humanly possible.

According to reports today, anyone bringing a Hernandez jersey to the Patriots Pro Shop on July 6th or 7th can swap the jersey for a new one of comparable value. That applies to the online store, PatriotsProShop, too.

The link to the store is RIGHT HERE

Not sure exactly what "Comparable Value" means, but it's interesting never the less.

Read more from RIGHT HERE

It's not surprising but very interesting how fast the Patriots are running away from Hernandez, who is facing 1st degree murder charges, though he has not been convicted of anything at this time.

His image, and we guess what he now represents scare the team enough that they feel this an appropriate measure.

We're guessing Mr. Hernandez probably won't be getting his cut of the NFLPA licensing for his jersey any more either.

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