Sunday, June 16, 2013

Coyotes Plan B: Seattle...???

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In the Puck Daddy section, Sean Leahy now seemingly has more details on the Phoenix Coyotes situation...
Let's back track a few days here to Mike Sunnucks work in the Phoenix Business Journal...

Thursday's article had Glendale's concerns over the deal with Renaissance:

• The lack of equity and personal investments from Renaissance principals in their bid.

• The bid’s reliance on financing and loans from the National Hockey League and private equity investment firm Fortress Investment Group LLC (NYSE: FIG).

• Renaissance using funds from an arena deal with Glendale to pay debt service on their financing.

• A possible relocation of the team to Seattle or another market after a few more years in the West Valley.

We may not even get to point four...

On the "Satellite Hotstove" segment last night on CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada," FOSG Elliotte Friedman and Glenn Healy explained how we're getting to the idea of Phoenix to Seattle...

The Vancouver Canucks were looking for a home for their AHL franchise after they bought the Peoria Rivermen, and understandably, they wanted to put the team in Seattle. Strangely, it ended up in Utica, New York because the Key Arena folks said that the arena wasn't available for hockey.

Introducing your Utica Comets... complete with $5-million in state aid to renovate the arena in town that only seats 4,000 people...

Even as KING-TV's Chris Daniels reported last week that the Key Arena has its ice-making equipment still in place and was functional:

Deborah Daoust spokesperson for Seattle Center, says ice making equipment and chilling system at #KeyArena is still operational

Reason being, according to Friedge and Glenn Healy, through Leahy:

Plan B for the NHL and Coyotes, if the latest candidate doesn't go through with the purchase, is to sell the team to investors Ray Bartoszek and Anthony Lanza, who previously engaged in discussions to purchase a 49-percent stake in the New York Mets in 2011, for $220 million. According to Glenn Healy, if those two do not get what they want by July 2 from the city of Glendale, then they would move the team to The Emerald City. Part of the new ownership group would be former NHLer and current NBC analyst Jeremy Roenick, who would help run the hockey operations department.

Whither Chris Hansen in all of this...???
Daniels sat down with him after the SacKings quest stopped...

Let's see how Tuesday winds itself up...
Quoting Ol' JR: "Business is about to pick up..."

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