Monday, June 24, 2013

Scottie Pippen Questioned After Allegedly Decking Autograph Seeker (Update)


--Update at bottom of story--

So there's this. NBA legend and former Chicago Bull, Scottie Pippen spent part of his Monday in a Malibu, California police station answering questions over an altercation with an alleged autograph seeker.

According to, Pippen got in a confrontation with a man who asked him for an autograph. The report says Pippen punched the guy in the face, then repeatedly kicked him, knocking the guy cold.

But Malibu police did not arrest Pippen on the scene.

The report says Pippen was named a "Suspect" in a felony assault among other things. You'd think that if anyone saw what happened that would be enough, but we could be wrong.

Read the TMZ report from Monday afternoon RIGHT HERE

So...if Pippen didn't beat the crap out of the guy who did? Has anyone else been named a suspect? If not, then why is Pippen only a "Suspect"? Yet the LA County PD says that Pippen was involved in the altercation...hmmm...

All legitimate questions, but unfortunately, the primary reporting source on the story is TMZ, whom we wonder if they posed said questions.

Update 6:45pm est--According to the Chicago Tribune, LA County Police say Pippen has been very cooperative and is not being charged because "There's more here than meets the eye"

That would lead one to believe that Pippen would have been defending himself. Though many questions remain to be answered.

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