Friday, June 14, 2013

Texas A&M Continues Running Smack on Alabama
Have ya ever heard the saying "Be careful what you wish for?"

That would be our piece of advice to the happy-go-lucky crew over at Texas A&M.

Just one day after Athletic Director Eric Hyman started a Twitter battle by saying "What does the Moon and Texas A&M Have in Common? We control the Tide", the t-shirt has arrived.

Yes, that is it there on the right.

Most of you know the Aggies stunned themselves and the world by going 11-2 last year, their first in the SEC, beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa and had a Heisman Trophy winner.

Not a bad 2012.

But the question asked is: Should you not let sleeping dogs lie? Yes, we know Nick Saban and Alabama are heading to College Station this upcoming season, but do you really want to talk smack now?

Of course, you can add them to the list of people that includes a University of Florida defensive coach and Arkansas head coach Brett Bielema.

We all will see what happens in Week #3.

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