Friday, January 31, 2014

Auburn Considers Giving Themselves More National Championships


Hey, National Championships for everybody!

According to a report, Auburn University is the latest in a line of college football schools who are or have decreed themselves national champions…multiple times.

Confused? Yeah, so are we.

The Tigers are trying to decide if on opening day, August 30th, if they should raise national championship banners for 7 different squads. All of whom in school officials eyes, have a claim for the titles.

Most of the titles they want to lay claim to happened in the early 1900's, or for you young ins', before the BCS existed.

However, they also want to claim the 2004 title, even though that years undefeated squad didn't make the BCS title game. The logic, USC is apparently claiming it too.

Still confused. Yeah. This makes little to no sense. For their part, Auburn cites Texas A&M claiming titles in 1919 and 1927 after they moved to the SEC in 2012. USC is claiming 1939 and 2004.

If you are still confused, read this story from Auburn Undercover RIGHT HERE


We really don't understand the logic here. Sure, we realize the whole "College Football Champion" thing has been hotly debated, misunderstood and argued for generations, but how can you legitimately claim something you aren't recognized by the governing body as winning?

It's kind of like in the TV News world saying "____ network had an exclusive interview with the president". Yeah, you were the only ones who talked to him, at that time.

So to Auburn, and any other school that feels so insecurely about themselves that they feel compelled to bestow an honor they didn't earn to….themselves, we say…

Well okay, actually we just laugh….

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