Wednesday, January 22, 2014

No Seat for You: E.Rutherford Mayor Gets No Super Bowl Tickets

Met Life Stadium

So, it sounds like not EVERY VIP in the free civilized world will be at and complaining about the cold at this years Super Bowl.

East Rutherford, New Jersey mayor Jim Cassella won't be in attendance, this despite the game being played inside his city limits.

That's because Cassella was not one of the small handful of New York Giants fans lucky enough to win a lottery for the coveted tickets. And according to the New York Daily News, the fact that he's a $10,000 a year PSL (personal seat license) holder didn't help either.

In fact, according to the Daily News, the NFL is basically shunning East Rutherford instead holding pretty much every game related event in New York City instead.

Read more about Cassella's plight from the Daily News RIGHT HERE

To be perfectly honest, we don't shed, well any tears for Cassella. But it illustrates the point we continually make that nobody outside the "mega-rich" and the media get to attend the Super Bowl. You will not see many if any "12th Men" from Seattle or Denver's fan group or any other hardcore fans in the stadium

No, you'll get to see lots of FOX-TV network celebrities, tons of C-List celebrities and various corporate executives.

With tickets going for four figures on Stub Hub and other ticket broker sites, there will be precious few people who can afford to see the game. And to be perfectly honest, outside the ability to say you were at such a game, it won't be fun. It's going to be cold. It's going to be crowded and you are going to have to be there hours in advance.

Why pay $5000 to go to a game that is going to look better on your HDTV and comes with concessions that cost only as much as you pay for them every week at your own grocery store?

For you Sportswriters preparing to complain about the game conditions, here's a look at what conditions around New Jersey look like just a little over a week out.

Story courtesy WCBS-TV


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