Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jahvid Best Suing Helmet Makers And NFL Over Concussions

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Jahvid Best had concussion issues during his time in the NFL with the Detroit Lions and started as far back as his time at Cal
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So, now with Best released and not employed by an NFL team, he is now suing helmets makers Riddell and Easton-Bell over his concussions that he suffered. He is, obviously, looking for some amount of financial pound-of-flesh, but his lawyer doesn't have an immediate amount handy...

He is filing out of the Wayne County (MI) Circuit Court and his lawyer, Bret Schnitzer, is ready for what happens next:

"As I am sure you are probably aware through various media and the 'Frontline' program and so on, the brain injuries with concussion syndrome does not necessarily manifest itself completely immediately, as you can see from the other cases. Sometimes it is 10, 20 years where the brain injury process takes to develop and it's not necessarily going to show itself in a 24-, 25-year-old football player to the extent that it might 10, 15, 20 years down the road.

"So one of the goals of the litigation is to protect Mr. Best down the road in terms of his medical condition and problems that he may have in the future."

The 85-page filing says also that the NFL is just as responsible.
The suit alleges Best was at risk by being put in the draft- despite his concussion history...

Here's Prim Siripipat discussing with Michael Rothstein

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